How to Get and Navigate the TSheets Mobile Apps

How to Get the Latest Release

  1. On your mobile device:
    • iOS: Go to App Store ().
    • Android: Go to Play Store ().

  2. In the search bar, enter tsheets, and tap Search.
  3. When TSheets Time Tracker displays, tap GETINSTALLOPEN.
  4. When the "TSheets would Like to Send You Notifications" message displays, click OK.
  5. Sign in.

Access Permissions and Your Privacy

As with all apps, in order to work, the TSheets app needs access to some of your mobile device's functions. Be assured that no person, at any point, can access your personal information. Here is a list of TSheets access requests and why they are needed:

  • Identity: For TSheets to send reminders and notifications, the app needs to verify who's using the phone.
  • Location: This information is needed for GPS tracking to function (but only when you're clocked in).
  • Phone: This information is needed so that, on the sign-in screen, you can tap the Need help? phone number to contact TSheets Support.
  • Photos/Media/Files: This is the generic label for access to any one of these three items. TSheets only accesses your media storage device to store the TSheets app on your phone and the system log for debugging purposes. 
  • Wi-Fi connection information: This information is used to detect whether or not you are in wifi range. When in range, TSheets uses that connection to reduce battery and data plan use.
  • Camera: This makes it possible for you to upload and change your TSheets profile picture.

At the top left of any TSheets screen:

Tap the profile icon () to see:

  • Account Info: Your username, email, groups you belong to, your company's TSheets web address, and permissions granted to you by your administrator.
  • Settings:
    • Notification settings: Tap this to view and update your "On the clock" notifications, clock-in and out reminders, and Schedule notifications and reminders. From here you can also restore the default notifications as set by your administrator.
    • Remember selections: Have TSheets remember your last time card selections.
    • Reset app: Tap this to remove currently displayed information. When you sign in again, the data is restored.
  • Sync now: Tap this to immediately sync your mobile data with your company account.
  • Contact TSheets Support: Tap this to get support or leave feedback.
  • About TSheets: See the version of the TSheets app that you are currently running.
  • Sign out

At the bottom of the screen:

  • Tap Overview to see:
    • MY TOTALS: Daily, weekly, and pay-period totals
    • MY WORK: A pie chart of weekly jobs or customers
    • PAID TIME OFF (PTO): A list of each type and available hours for each
  • Tap My Time Card to see the default display, which allows you to:
    • Clock in
    • Adjust your clock-in time
    • Switch jobs or customers
    • Add notes
    • View your GPS points since you clocked in
    • Clock out
  • Tap Timesheets to:
    • View your past and current timesheets
    • Manually create a timesheet
    • Submit your timesheet for approval

Depending on the features set up on your company account and the permissions you've been granted by your administrator, you might also see the following: (Note: You may have to, at the bottom right, tap More to see these.)

  • Tap Schedule to see your scheduled jobs/shifts and those for the entire company.
  • Tap Crew to clock in and out employees that you manage.
  • Tap Who's Working to see a list of employees that are currently clocked in or on a break and how long they've been on the clock.
  • Tap Paid Time Off to add, edit, or delete PTO.
  • Tap Manage Jobs or Manage Customers to add, edit, or delete jobs or customers.

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