How much data does the TSheets app use?

The exact amount of data used varies by:
  • Device (iOS devices attempt to sync for shorter durations.)
  • Connection (When connected to WiFi, no data is used.)
  • How often an employee changes location
  • How often an employee clocks in, switches jobs or customers, and clocks out
The following are estimates:
  • Each sync with the TSheets Android and iOS apps will use approximately 70 KB to 100 KB of data. 
  • If the app syncs six times each hour, in a day it will use 10.08 MB to 14.4 MB. If it syncs 12 times each hour, in a day it will use 20.16 MB to 28.8 MB.
  • Monthly usage could range from approximately 300 MB to 750 MB.
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