How to Change Schedule Views

Views include:

  • WORK WEEK: Select days of the week to display on the calendar.
  • WORKING HOURS: Select regular work/business hours to highlight on the calendar. Hours in the gray zone can still be scheduled, but are not highlighted. To remove the gray zone, clear the WORKING HOURS setting, and click Save.
  • WEEK START: Select the calendar start weekday (Sun, Mon, etc.)
  • Show hour totals: Turn on/off hour totals display on the calendar. (Note: When this box is checked (default), schedule managers and admins can view the totals, not employees. When unchecked, the totals will not display on any calendars.)

To change schedule views:

  1. Go to MANAGESchedule.
  2. At the top right, click SettingsEdit view settings.
  3. Make your selections, and click Save.

To see all the other cool things you can do with TSheets Schedule, see the other help documents.

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