How to Set Up Time Clock Kiosk Clock-in and Clock-out (Computer)

Note: Before performing the steps below, please see: Time Clock Kiosk: How to Get Started

1. Install the Kiosk Feature in TSheets, and Get the Device Authorization Code

  1. On a computer, in TSheets, go to SET UPAdd-ons.
  2. Scroll down to Kiosk, and click Install.
  3. Click Add DeviceAuthorize This Device, and enter a device name. At this point, all employees will be able to clock in on this device. If you only want certain groups or individual employees to clock in and out from this computer, see the instructions below.
  4. Next to EMPLOYEE LIST, select Display or Hide. Clicking Hide conceals the employee list, but employees can still find their name by entering it in the search field.
  5. Next to EMPLOYEE WORKING STATUS, select Display or Hide. This setting allows TSheets to display or hide a colored dot next to the employees' profile pictures. Green = clocked in; Orange = on a break; No dot = off the clock.

If you only want certain groups or individual employees to clock in and out from this computer, after completing the above steps:

  1. Back in the Kiosk Preferences window, click the kiosk name.
  2. Select the employees that will be allowed to clock in to this kiosk by clicking all employees.
  3. Select a group, or click + to expand a group and select individual employees.
  4. Click Save.

2. Set Employee PINs

Note: If you would rather not set employee PINs, make sure that you’ve (1) entered their text-capable phone number in Employee Editor, or (2) give them their TSheets username and password. Then tell them to, upon first sign-in, click I Forgot under the PIN pad, and they will be directed to select a PIN.

To set PINs:

  1. In TSheets, go to MANAGEEmployees & Groups.
  2. Click an employee’s name. The Employee Editor displays.
  3. In the PIN box, enter a four-digit number, and click Save.

You may want to distribute this document to employees: How to Clock In and Out via Kiosk.

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