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TSheets + Xero Integration Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: In which countries is the Xero integration supported?
A: The Xero integration for invoicing is available in the US, Australia, and all other countries where Xero is available. Integrating for payroll is only available in Australia.

Q: What all is imported from Xero into TSheets?
A: TSheets can import Customers/Contacts, Inventory Items, and Categories, depending on preferences. If you are located in Australia, TSheets can import Employees.

Employees (Australia only)

Q: Where should I create, edit, and delete employees?
A: Make all employee changes in Xero, then import them into TSheets.

Q: Can my contractors/suppliers track time in TSheets?
A: Contractors/suppliers cannot be imported in as users in TSheets, but you can add them directly into TSheets, so they can track time against your customers for invoicing. In TSheets, go to Employees > Add Employees Add only in TSheets. Fill out the contractor/supplier information and click Add Employee(s)


Q: How are Xero customers and contacts populated in TSheets?
A: Customers and contacts are imported from Xero into TSheets. Customers (contacts that have been invoiced) are automatically added via import, but contacts must be added this way: In TSheets, in the top right, click Xero > Preferences > Manage Xero Customers > find and select your Xero contacts you want imported in as TSheets customers, then click Add Customers.

Q: Where should I create, edit, and delete customers?
A: Always create, edit, and delete customers in Xero, then import them into TSheets.

Q: Where do customers appear in TSheets?
A: Go to Customers.

Q: How do I assign customers to an employee?
A: You can assign all customers to all employees during setup, or not, by choosing Assign imported customers to all employees. This option can be selected/deselected later for future imported customers. Individual assignments can be changed by going to Customers > click the pencil icon > check or uncheck Assign to Everyone (if unchecking, click Assign just below that to assign individual employees). 

Inventory Items and Categories

Q: Where do inventory items appear in TSheets?
A: If inventory items are imported into TSheets, they will become a selection on employee timesheets. This field can be made required by going to the Xero dropdown > Preferences > check Require employees to select an Inventory Item.  An inventory item can only import if it is not marked with "I track this item" in Xero. 

Q: What happens if I assign categories in Xero? (Australia only)
A: If you add a "Timesheet Categories" Category option in Xero, these will become a required selection on employee timesheets. Then, when you export hours worked to Xero, the category information is included on the timesheets. Note: When paid breaks are exported to Xero, the tracking category from the nearest timesheet will be used with the paid break.

Tracking and Exporting Time (Australia only) 

Q: If I'm using Xero for payroll only, does time need to be tracked against Customers?
A: No, time only needs to be tracked against customers if it needs to be invoiced to that customer. If Customers selection is enabled in TSheets, a Customer must be selected on a timesheet. 

Q: Why were the hours for an employee not exported?
A: TSheets only exports timesheets for hourly employees. Verify that the employee in question is not marked as exempt in TSheets. Go to Employees, and find the Exempt setting for that employee.

Q: Why didn’t my time off hours export?
A: Time off code names must match in TSheets and Xero to export hours correctly. If they don’t, rename the pay item in Xero, and, in TSheets, run another import.

Q: Why am I seeing a "Scope not recognised" error message?
A: When connecting to Xero through the TSheets setup wizard, if, from the Country dropdown, you select a country other than the country selected in your Xero account, that message displays.

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