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TSheets + QuickBooks Online Integration: How to Fix Worker Name Mismatches

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Worker (Employee or Contractor) names in QuickBooks Online (QBO) must match exactly those in TSheets in order to export hours. If they do not, you will get a message that takes you to TSheets to fix the problem.

To fix the mismatch(es):

  1. Sign in to TSheets.
  2. At the top right, click QuickBooks > View Sync Log.
  3. In the sync reports window, click Fix This. (Note: If the mismatches don't display, at the left, select the date on which they occurred.)

  4. In the QuickBooks Integration Merge Workers window, select a name, and click Save > Save. (If the expected name is not in the list: In QBO, verify that the name exists. If it does not, enter the name in QBO, and in TSheets, click QuickBooks > Import.)

    Alternately, you can select Exclude this user's time. In that case, the worker name will remain in TSheets, but their hours won't export to QBO.

  5. If needed, repeat these steps to fix all mismatches.

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