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TSheets Gusto Integration FAQs

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Q: Can I import my contractors and employees from Gusto?
A: Currently you can only import your employees from Gusto into TSheets.

Q: During setup, I only see the option for weekly overtime. Can I track daily and weekly overtime in TSheets?
A: You definitely can! Once you have your integration fully configured, just adjust the overtime settings on your TSheets account by clicking on Company Settings > Payroll & Overtime > Overtime. Just be sure to save your changes.

Linking TSheets and Gusto:

Q: I had to wait for Gusto to create my account, now how do I link my account with TSheets?
A: In TSheets, in the top right corner, click Gusto > Connect.

Q: Can I link multiple Gusto accounts with my TSheets account?
A: Not at this time, you will need to create a separate TSheets account for each Gusto account. Be sure to contact TSheets support for more detail on getting this set up.

Q: What happens if I don't allow Gusto to adjust my TSheets pay-periods and / or timezone?
A: This will uninstall the integration and you won't be able to enjoy the easy of time tracking and payroll working together. Try installing it again and say yes this time. :)

Exporting Timesheets:

Q: Who can export timesheets from TSheets to Gusto?
A: Only users with the administrative permissions within TSheets can perform exports.

Q: What happens if I export hours from TSheets twice for the same pay-period?
A: When you export hours from TSheets to Gusto it will override whatever hours are recorded in there already, so you won't have to worry about duplicate hours.

Q: What if I made a mistake in the hours that I exported to Gusto?
A: Good news! This is easy to fix. You will just want to unapprove those hours in TSheets, make your changes, and then approve and export them again. They will override any existing hours for that employee in Gusto.

Q: What happens if I export hours but they aren't showing up in Gusto?
A: Chances are something went wrong during the export, check out your Sync Log (Gusto dropdown > Sync Log)to get detail on what happened. Reach out to TSheets support to help fix any issues you need help with.

Q: Can I export hours for a closed pay period?
A: Nope, sorry, you'll only be able to export timesheets for active pay periods. You will be able to tell if a pay period is open by checking your TSheets Approvals Report. When picking the Gusto pay period in that report, any open pay period displays (open) to the right of the date.

Q: My timesheets won't export, what's going on?
A: If you're having trouble getting your timesheets to export properly, I would start by checking the employee compensation settings within Gusto. You will need to make sure that the employee has these settings configured, and that they are set to be paid by the hour, not the month or the year. If you still need help, feel free to contact TSheets Support.

Paid Time Off (PTO):

Q: Will hours exported from TSheets contribute to PTO accruals in Gusto?
A: Absolutely! Make sure you have, in Gusto, disabled “Allow employee to submit Time Off Requests” feature for the PTO timesheets to transfer properly.

Q: Will PTO balances update within TSheets to match what's in Gusto?

A: They won't, so we recommend that you use the accruals feature in either TSheets or Gusto, not both.

Q: Can I set up multiple types of PTO codes in TSheets?
A: You can, but the only types accepted by Gusto are Sick and Vacation. From TSheets Sick hours will come over to Sick hours in Gusto, Vacation hours will go to Vacation, and all other PTO codes in TSheets will map to Vacation hours in Gusto as well. 


Q: What happens if I accidentally selected "Don't Import" for somebody?
A: No worries, just hop into TSheets and reactivate the user by clicking on Manage Employees, then using the drop down menu in the top left to view your archived users. In this list, click the reactivate icon corresponding to the user in question, and you'll be good to go.

Q: Will my salaried employees be imported?
A: Yes - If you would like, you can always archive them on the TSheets side by clicking on Manage Employees, and then using the delete icon along the right hand side of their name to remove them from your active employees list. This won't affect them in Gusto, just remove them from your list in TSheets.

Q: What if I've added new employees into Gusto, can I import them into TSheets later?
A: Absolutely! In TSheets, at the top right, just click Gusto > Import Employees.

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