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How to Set Up and Use the TSheets + ADP RUN Chrome Extension

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  • The instructions below assume that you already have a TSheets account. If you do not, first go to, and set up your company.
  • Use the Chrome Extension integration option if your ADP RUN account is either Wholesale or a Multiple Company Account. If not, use our full API integration option.

How to Set Up the Extension

  1. Make sure that employee first and last names match exactly between TSheets and ADP RUN.
    • Note: Vendor time will not transfer. Vendors can be added as TSheets users, but their time will need to be manually entered into ADP.
  2. Make sure that TSheets time off codes and ADP PTO worksheet names (not customized names) match exactly. To find the PTO worksheet names:
    • In ADP RUN, go to Company > Earnings Deductions. A list displays.
    • At the right of the PTO item(s), click Edit, and look for the worksheet name.​
  3. Log out of ADP RUN.
  4. Go to: TSheets Extension for ADP RUN Payroll.
  5. Click ADD TO CHROME Add extension.
  6. Log in to ADP RUN.
  7. On the Welcome page, click Run Payroll. At the top right of the Enter Payroll page, notice the Import Time button.
  8. From the drop-down, select Connect to TSheets.
  9. Sign into TSheets. ADP RUN and TSheets are now connected.

How to Import Hours Worked from TSheets

  1. Log in to ADP RUN, and click Run Payroll.
  2. Click Import Time. Employee hours appear in the table. (Note: If the payroll table is longer than one page, click the subsequent page numbers to import time onto each page.)

  3. Optional:
    • Make edits directly within the table. (Note: If edits are made in ADP RUN, they will not show in TSheets.)
    • From the Import Time drop-down, select Clear Time to erase everything in the table.
    • In TSheets, edit the hours worked, and, in ADP RUN, click Import Time again.
  4. Run payroll.

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