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Time Clock Kiosk: Photo Consent Terms

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Account Administrator Consent

(Presented when an administrator enables photo capture for a kiosk.)

This feature collects certain biometric data for the purposes of verifying employee identities. By checking "I agree" and enabling this feature, you represent and agree:

  •     You are authorized by your employer to enable this feature.
  •     The biometric data will be collected, handled, and otherwise processed in accordance with law and your company's policies.
  •     Biometric data will be used only for verification and authentication purposes.
  •     You acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by TSheets' Terms of Service and Data Processing Agreement regarding the collection and handling of biometric data.
  •     You understand that you are not required to enable this feature in order to use the TSheets service, and that if you choose not to enable this feature, you may still use TSheets but that certain TSheets functionality may not be available.

Employee Consent

(Presented when an employee signs in on a Kiosk that uses photo capture for the first time.)

This feature collects certain biometric data for the purposes of verifying your identity.
By typing "Yes" below, I give my explicit consent to my employer's collection of biometric information about me for the purposes of verifying and validating my identity through the TSheets service. I understand and acknowledge that:

  •     my employer will use facial recognition technology to analyze the geometry of my face through photographs to verify my identity.
  •     my employer will retain this data until the identity verification purposes have been satisfied, or until required to be deleted by local law, whichever comes first.
  •     my employer has made available to me its Privacy Policy and Biometric Data Retention Policy and that I may review them at any time to learn additional details about how my employer collects, uses, and discloses biometric information.
  •     I may withdraw my consent at any time for the collection of biometrics and that doing so will not jeopardize my employment with the Company.

Please type "YES" in the box below to agree to the collection and retention of facial recognition data about you.  If you do not agree to the collection, please type "NO" and contact your employer for instructions on how to report your time.


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