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Time Clock Kiosk: Biometric Facial Recognition

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Facial recognition adds an extra layer of convenience for account administrators and managers by removing the need to check every photo captured by the Time Clock Kiosk. Photos taken at a station will be compared to previous photos of that employee and analyzed to see if it's the correct employee, then alert the admin/manager if there's any doubt. Employees will experience zero delays when clocking in since the photo is taken simultaneous to their clock punch.

How to Enable Time Clock Kiosk Biometric Facial Recognition

If you have not already:

  1. Set up Time Clock Kiosk. Depending on your device, see "How to Set Up Time Clock Kiosk" for:
  2. Enable Time Clock Kiosk Photo Capture.

To enable facial recognition:

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Clock Kiosk.
  2. At the left of Facial Recognition, click the blue toggle to ON.

Flags, Tags, and Notifications

How it works
If the system does not recognize their face, it will flag the photo, and you will immediately receive an email. To help train the system, you can click "Yes, this is [name]" or "No, take me to TSheets."

Where else can I find flagged photos?
In Time Entries > Timesheets, in the Faces column. Any photo taken on that timesheet will be shown there and, if a face is not recognized, that photo will be tagged with a flag.

What does a flag mean?
It means that, when the employee clocks in or out and their picture is taken, the system did not recognize the face.

What does the square around the face mean?
The square identifies which face the system chose to analyze. This is especially helpful when there are multiple faces in the photo.

When is a photo flagged?
When an employee clocks in or out, the system flags the photo if:

  • The identified face (the face with a square around it) in the photo is not recognized as that employee
  • If a full face is not detected in the photo (no square). In this case, you can either unflag the photo or ignore it. Photos with no box do not train the system. 

Who is notified when a photo is flagged?
Immediately after the employee clocks in or out, by default, the account admin is notified, unless the employee is assigned to a manager, in which case the notifications are sent to the manager. If you would like both account admins and managers to be notified, go to Company Settings > Notifications.

Training the Biometric Facial Recognition System

If the system flags a face as not the employee, when it is actually the correct employee’s face:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the photo.
  2. Click This is [employee’s name]

If the system does not flag a photo, but the employee pictured is not the correct employee:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the photo.
  2. Click This isn’t [employee’s name].

If a photo was flagged because it could not find a face (e.g., a partial face, too blurry or dark):

  • The system cannot be trained if there is no face. You can choose to unflag the photo to indicate you addressed the photo, since flags do not train the system. 

If the system chose the wrong face (the one with the square around it), but the correct employee is also in the photo:

  • At this time, simply unflag the photo to indicate you addressed it. You don't want to indicate "This is [employee]" since the system isn't looking at the correct employee's face. 

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