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How to Submit Feedback to TSheets

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If you would like to tell us:

  • What you would like to see improved
  • New features you would like us to add

We want to know about it! We closely monitor feedback submissions, and take them into consideration when prioritizing feature development.

Please submit feedback in one of the following ways:


The benefit of submitting feedback via the TSheets computer app is that you can see if the idea has already been submitted and how many users have voted for it.

How to Provide Feedback via the TSheets Computer App

  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom, click Suggest an idea.
  3. Enter your idea, then click Post a new idea or Vote for an existing idea.
  4. Optional: Select a category.
  5. Describe the idea, and click Post idea.

How to Submit Feedback via the TSheets Mobile Apps

  1. In TSheets, tap Setting or More Settings.
  2. Tap Help & Support > Suggest an idea.
  3. Enter your feedback, and tap SEND.

If you'd rather describe the issue to a friendly Customer Experience rep, we can fill out the feedback form for you. Just call or chat live with us!

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