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How to Run a Tardies and Absences Report

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  • This report only applies to team members assigned to a shift in TSheets Schedule who clock in and out (vs entering hours manually).
  • A tardy is reported when a team member did not clock in at the scheduled time.
  • An absence is reported when a team member did not clock in at any time during the scheduled shift.
  • Users who are currently clocked in will not display as tardy on the report. You might want to run the report again at the end of the workday.

How to:


How to Run the Report

  1. Go to Reports > Schedule Reports > Tardies.
  2. Select which groups or team members to include in the report: At the top left, do one of the following:
    • Leave the report set to all team members.
    • Click all team members, select a group or team member(s), and click OK.
  3. Under REPORT DATES, select By week or Custom date range, and select the week or dates.
  4. To select the minimum number of minutes late to include on the report, under TARDY (MINUTES), select 1, 5, 10, or 20. (For example, if you select 5, team members who were 1-4 minutes late will not be included in the report.)
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. (Optional) Click Include absences.

How to View and Edit Tardy Details

Note: Only group/crew managers and team members granted the "Manage timesheets for all team members" permission can edit the tardies report. 

  • To view: Click the arrow () at the left of a team member name.
  • To edit:
    1. Hover over a row. On the left, a pencil icon () appears.
    2. Click the pencil. The Timesheet Editor window displays.
    3. Make the edits, and click Save.

Note: Only tardies can be edited. To change an absence, you must manually add the hours worked. Go to Time Entries.


How to Sort the Report

To sort by each or to change the list from descending to ascending and back:

  • In the main report: Click Team Member or Times Tardy.
  • In the detailed report: Click any of the blue column headings.

How to Print a Tardies and Absences Report

After clicking Run Report, at the top right, click the printer icon ().


How to Create a Spreadsheet of Tardies and Absences

After clicking Run Report, at the top right, click Download .csv.



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