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Q: As a group/crew manager, what can I do in TSheets?
A: You can:

  • Edit your employees' profiles
  • Add, edit, and delete your employees' hours
  • Manage your employees' shifts in TSheets Schedule
  • Approve your employees' timesheets
  • Run Reports for your employees' timesheets

Q: Which employees can I manage in TSheets?
A: When your company's TSheets account administrator assigns you as the manager of a particular group, you can manage any employees that are added to that group.

Q: How can I see who is in my group/crew?
A: Do one of the following:

  • On a computer, in TSheets, on the left, click Employees.
  • On a mobile device, at the bottom, tap Crew or More Crew

Q: How can I edit my employees' profiles?
A: On a computer, in TSheets, go to Employees, and, at the right of an employee name, click the pencil icon ().

Q: How do I see how many hours my group/crew has worked?
A: There are a few options depending on what you need to accomplish:

  • To see who is currently on the clock or on a break and how long they've been working, the easiest way is to, on a computer, just glance at the Who's Working window. Or, on a mobile device, at the bottom, tap Who's Working. (You might need to tap More first.)
  • To view a list of all of your employees' timesheets in chronological order, go to Time Entries > Timesheets.
  • To see timesheets for every or select group/crew members for a specific date range or pay period, go to Reports > Project Report.

Q: How do I edit an employee's hours?
A: If they are currently clocked in, the easiest way is to go to the Who's Working window, click their name then the paper and pencil icon to access the Timesheet Editor.

If you need to add or edit a timesheet for a previous date, the easiest way is to go to Time Entries > Timesheets.  At the right of the timesheet, click the pencil icon.

Q: How do I clock my group/crew in?
A: If you are on the job with the group/crew, on your mobile device, at the bottom, tap Crew or More Crew

For more detailed instructions, see: How to Clock Your Crew In Switch Jobs or Customers Take a Break and Clock Out


Q: How can I view my group's/crew's shift schedule?
A: Do one of the following:

  • On a computer: Go to Schedule. At the top, click Full.
  • On a mobile device: At the bottom of the screen, tap Schedule > Full.

Q: How can I edit my group's/crew's shifts in TSheets Schedule?
A: Do one of the following:

Q: For payroll, how do I approve my group's/crew's hours?
A: On a computer, go to Approvals. That report shows the totals of all hours your employees have worked and submitted. From there you can view timesheet details and either approve or reject the hours. For detailed instructions, see: How to Approve Unapprove and Reject Employee Timesheets.


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