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How to Integrate TSheets and Namely and Export Hours

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How to Integrate TSheets and Namely


  1. In TSheets, go to Feature Add-ons Manage Add-ons
  2. Find Namely, and click Install.


How to Export Hours from TSheets to Namely

In TSheets:

  1. To access the integration, go to Reports Namely Export.
  2. In the Namely Export window, select the pay period, and click Download XLSX. The spreadsheet displays. (If not, open it from the Downloads file on your computer.)
  3. Review the Employee Number column. If any numbers are missing:
    1. In that row, take note of the number of hours worked.
    2. In TSheets, go to Reports > Payroll Report.
    3. Select the corresponding pay period, and click Run Report.
    4. At the right of the names, find the number of hours. If there are duplicate numbers, to the left of the names, click + to view the timesheet details.
    5. After determining the employee name, go to Employees.
    6. To the right of the name, click the pencil icon ().
    7. In the Payroll ID box, enter the Namely Employee ID, and click Save.
    8. Rerun the Namely Export report.

In Namely:

  1. Go to Namely Payroll.
  2. Hover over Payroll Center, and select Upload Hours. (Before uploading hours, we highly recommend that you wait until hours have been submitted and approved in TSheets.)
  3. Make sure that Pay Group and Pay Cycle are correct.
  4. Select Choose File, and navigate to the downloaded spreadsheet from Step 2 above.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Save and Validate > Finish > Back.
  7. Click Run Payroll > Get Uploaded Hours.

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