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How to Use the TSheets Time Card App for Chrome Users

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  • The Chrome App is no longer available to be installed. If you already had it installed, you can follow these instructions to use it. 
  • The TSheets time card app for Chrome users does not support clocking in without selecting a job or customer.
  • If you need full functionality, use the TSheets web app or mobile app. 
  • The TSheets Chrome app syncs automatically with the web and mobile apps. If you want to sync immediately, click the sync icon ().
  • You can use the TSheets Chrome app offline. It will sync with the web and mobile apps the next time you connect to the internet.

How to Launch the App

  1. Click the TSheets icon, and sign in if you haven't already.
  2. In the permission request window, click Allow.

How to Clock In, Switch Jobs or Customers, Take a Break, and Clock Out

  • To clock in: Select a job or customer from the list, and you will be automatically clocked in.
  • To switch: Click a different job or customer.
  • To take a break: From the Job Code or Customer list, click a break code.
  • To clock out: Click Clock Out.

How to Edit, Delete, or Add Your Timesheets

Note: Your administrator must grant the Manage My Timesheets permission for you to do the following:

Click Manage Timesheets, and select a timesheet.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the selected timesheet.
  • Click the trashcan icon to delete the selected timesheet.
  • Click the plus icon to add a timesheet.

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