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How to Import from QuickBooks Desktop Using the Web Connector

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  • You will want to perform an import each time you've updated something in QuickBooks that needs to also update in TSheets (e.g., updated team member name, new customer, etc.). 
  • To perform a sync, you must be logged into QuickBooks as the main admin and in single user mode. Also, you must use the computer that the TSheets integration is set up on.
  •  Performing a sync in the Web Connector performs an import during each sync and an export if there are newly approved timesheets.
How to Import:
  1. Open TSheets and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) on the same computer.
  2. In QBD, click File > Update Web Services.
  3. The Web Connector opens.
  4. Select the appropriate company file, and click Update Selected.
Note: We do not recommend using the "Auto-Run" feature in the Web Connector. If it is absolutely necessary, then set the frequency for 60 minutes or greater. ​

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