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How to Export Hours to QuickBooks Desktop Using the Web Connector

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After completing the steps in How to Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Desktop Using the Web Connector, you can export approved timesheets to QuickBooks Desktop (QBD).   

How to Export Approved Hours to QBD

You must approve timesheets first, before they can be exported to QBD.

Before exporting for the first time:

  1. In TSheets, click the QuickBooks Dropdown > Preferences 
  2. Under Exporting Time to QuickBooks, check Export Approved Timesheets when Syncing.
  3. Make sure that you have mapped your Payroll Items.

To export approved hours:

  1. Open QBD and the Web Connector on the same computer.
    • Every time you run the Web Connector to sync QBD and TSheets, make sure you are logged in to QBD as admin and in single-user mode.
    • Note: We do not recommend using the "Auto-Run" feature in the Web Connector. If it is absolutely necessary, then set the frequency for 60 minutes or greater. 
  2. In QBD, click File > Update Web Services.
  3. The Web Connector opens. 
  4. Select the appropriate company file, and click Update Selected.

Note: If you need to Edit or Delete timesheets in TSheets after they have been exported, please contact Support to help you unlock that time. 

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