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How to Enter Your Hours Without Clocking In

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Note: Your account administrator must grant the "Manage my timesheets" permission for you to enter time without clocking in.

How to Enter Your Hours on a(n):

How to Enter Your Hours on a Computer

Note: To display your hours and minutes in HH:MM format, at the bottom of Manual Time Card, select Options > Display time in HH:MM.

To enter total hours worked for each day, use Manual Time Card:

  1. Go to Time Entries > Manual Time Card tab.
  2. Select the date range.
  3. If you are entering hours worked for someone else, at the top right, click Switch User, and enter a name. (Note: Only administrators and managers can enter time for other team members.)
  4. If you track time against a job or customer, click (no job) or (no customer), and select from the list.
  5. Click inside the cell to enter the number of hours worked. (For example, to enter 8 1/2 hours, type 8.5 or 8:30.)
  6. If you would like to, in the Notes box below, enter your notes for that day.
  7. Continue adding hours and notes to each day.
  8. Before proceeding to a new week, click Save.

To enter clock-in and clock-out times, use Add Time:

  1. Go to Time Entries > Timesheets.
  2. At the top of the Timesheets window, click + Add Time.
  3. Enter a name and the remaining information, and click Save.

    How to Enter Your Hours via iPhone or Android Device

    1. In TSheets, tap Timesheets, then tap the icon in the top right.
    2. Tap the type of timesheet you want to enter: Time In/Out or Duration.
    3. Fill in the required time fields below, and choose a job or customer if required. 
    4. Tap SAVE in the top right. 

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