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I accidentally deleted a job, can I get it back?

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Instead of deleting a job/customer from your account, we recommend you unassign the code from your employees instead. It will remain in your Jobs/Customers list, but your employees will not see it when they track time, and it's easy to recover.

  1. In TSheets, click Jobs or Customers.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the job you need to unassign.
  3. Uncheck Assign to Everyone, then click Assign().
  4. Click None at the top to make sure no employees are assigned.
  5. Click Save, then click Save again.

Note: If you did delete the job/customer, do not create a replacement job or customer before following the steps below. If you've already created a replacement job or need help with this procedure, please contact TSheets Support.

Non-Integrated Accounts

To re-import the job, the name and formatting must match the original exactly. If you need to check the spelling and formatting, you can locate a past timesheet tracked agasint that code in a report or in the Timesheets List.

To import the deleted customer:

  1. In TSheets, click Jobs.
  2. At the bottom, click the Import/Export link.
  3. Click the Export tab > Existing Jobs.csv.
  4. Add the deleted job into the spreadsheet, and click File > Save As.
  5. Select a location, make sure the File Format is .csv, and click Save.
  6. Back in TSheets, in the Import Jobs window, click the Import tab.
  7. Click Choose File, select the .csv file, and click Open.
  8. Leave the first 2 boxes checked under Options and then select Import. The job code will be restored. 

Integrated Accounts

If your account is integrated with QuickBooks, Reckon, or Xero, customers/jobs can be restored using the integration. You can either re-activate the customer/job in that software or, if it is already active, make a temporary change to the name of the job/customer in that software (to update the last modified date). Then, run a sync/import to bring it back into TSheets. 

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