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How to Create Invoices in TSheets

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  • Invoicing in TSheets is only available if your account is not integrated with QuickBooks, Xero, or Gusto.
  • Timesheets containing the hours to be billed must be submitted and approved before invoicing.

    1. Install the Invoicing Add-on

    1. In the left menu, go to Feature Add-ons > Manage Add-ons.
    2. Scroll down to Invoicing, and click Install.
    3. In the Invoicing Preferences window, enter the information you want to appear on the printed invoices, and click Save.

    2. Set Job Codes to Billable and Set Hourly Rate

    1. Go to Jobs.
    2. Next to the job, click the pencil icon (This image is not available because: You don’t have the privileges to see it, or it has been removed from the system).
    3. Select Billable, enter a per hour amount, and click Save.

    3. Create Invoices

    1. Go to Invoice.
    2. In the Generate Invoice window, make your selections, and click Preview Invoice.
    3. In the Invoice to box, enter the billing name and address, and click Save.
    4. If the invoice is correct, click Finalize Invoice & Generate PDF. (Note: When this is clicked, the timesheets that make up the invoice are locked. To unlock them, go to Time Entries > Timesheets, and click the lock icon.)
    5. Click View Invoice PDF.

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