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Jobs or Customers

How to Create and Manage Jobs or Customers

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  • If you have integrated TSheets with QuickBooks, Reckon, or Xero, the term "job" will display as "customer" in TSheets.
  • To change the term "job" to something else (for example, customer, project, client, etc.), in the Manage Jobs window, click Rename label.
  • With multi-level jobs, a parent/child-type structure is created. Client > Project > Task is a commonly used structure. You can create as many levels as you need.
  • Job names are limited to 64 characters. 

How to Create a Top-Level Job

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click Add Job.
  3. Enter a name for the job, and, if desired, a short code.
  4. Click Save. "Job Added" briefly displays.

How to Create the First Sub-Level Job

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click to the right of the top-level job under which you want to place the sub-level job.
  3. Enter the sub-level job name, and if desired, a short code.
  4. Click Save. "Job Added" briefly displays.

How to Add an Additional Sub-Level Job

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click the job name to which you want to add a sub-level job, and click Add Job or Add Customer.
  3. Enter a name, and if desired, a short code.
  4. Click Save.

How to Change a Job's Level

You can choose to move jobs to a higher or lower level. Remember that when you move a parent job, all of its children and employee assignments move with it.

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click More > Move.
  3. In the Choose a new parent job window:
  • To raise the level, click Top Level.
  • To lower the level, select any other job.

The Manage Jobs window redisplays showing the new position of the job.

How to Add a Job Location - Nearby Jobs (NEW!)

You can add a location when editing a job so that mobile app users are given a list of jobs that are near their current location when clocking in or switching jobs (as long as location settings enabled in the mobile device). Note: If you are integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or Xero, the location field will display with the customer address found in the integration. 

  1. Go to Jobs > Click .
  2. Begin entering the address under LOCATION and choose from the suggestions in the dropdown list. Note: A appears next to the address once it’s successfully added.
  3. Click Save.
Note: Once one location is entered for a job, the "Nearby" function will display in the mobile app's job list.

How to Duplicate Jobs

You can duplicate a job and all it's sub-level jobs. This is an easy way to create a new job that needs to have the same list of sub-level jobs as one that's already established. 

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click More > Duplicate.
  3. Enter in a new job name and a new short code (optional).
  4. Click Save

How to Import Jobs from a CSV File

Use the Import/Export feature to import a list of jobs instead of manually creating them one-by-one.

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click Import/Export.
  3. On the Import tab, click Choose File.
  4. Navigate to the .csv file that you want to import, and click Open.
  5. Check the appropriate options. We recommend importing in test mode first.
  6. Click Import. A list of errors and successes displays.

How to Export Jobs to a CSV File

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click Import/Export.
  3. On the Export tab, click Download: Existing Jobs.csv. The CSV file downloads to your computer.

How to Edit a Job

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click .
  3. Make the changes, and click Save.

How to Delete a Job

  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click . If the job is assigned to any employees, a confirmation message displays. To confirm the deletion, click OK.

To restore a deleted job, contact TSheets Support. If you know you will eventually need to restore that job, it is best to unassign the job from all employees instead. See next section for steps.

How to Assign or Unassign a Job to Employees

Assigning a job to an individual or group gives them the opportunity to track time against the desired job. If an employee is not assigned to a job, they will not be able to see it on their time card.
  1. Go to Jobs.
  2. Click .
  3. Assign or unassign:
  • To assign, click Assign to Everyone or Assign, select employees, and Save.
  • To unassign, deselect the boxes, and click Save.

See also: How to Create and Manage Advanced Tracking, if you need to assign and/or restrict Advanced Tracking fields and their items. This feature will only be available if you have installed the Advanced Tracking add-on.

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