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To configure company settings, go to Company Settings.

The Company Settings window allows you to adjust the following:

General (Account)

Account Setup

The Basics

Here you can adjust the following:

  • Subscription type: Upgrade or downgrade your TSheets subscription.
  • Company name
  • Company website
  • TSheets web address: Your company's TSheets web address (for example,
  • Country
  • Time zone
  • Week start: Select the day of the week that your company's pay period starts.
  • Time Format: Select the date and time format.

Under Contact Information, enter your company administrator's name, phone number, and email address.

Subscription and Payments

On this tab, you can adjust the following:

  • Subscription type: Click (change) to upgrade or downgrade your TSheets subscription plan.
  • Payment term: Select monthly or annual.
  • Payment method: Enter your PayPal, credit card, or debit card account information.
  • Account balance: View your account balance and a list of debits and credits.
  • Next billing cycle: View the date of your next bill.
  • Monthly estimate: An estimate of service fees for the number of TSheets users.

Company Address

Add your company's shipping address here. 


Here administrators can set options that apply to all employees. To set options for individual employees, in TSheets, go to Employees.

Time Options

Time Entry: On this tab, you can configure employee timesheet settings. Check or uncheck the boxes next to each permission, as described below.

  • Allow employees to manage their own timesheets: If checked, this box allows all users to sign in from anywhere and completely manage their own timesheets via the Time Slider, Manual Time Card, etc.
  • Allow Employee Notes on Time Cards: If checked, employees can enter notes when clocking in or out or at any point during their shift. These notes can be viewed by administrators in TSheets by clicking Time EntriesTimesheet List.
  • Hide hours worked from employees: If checked, employees won't see how long they've been on the clock and they won't be able to view their timesheet reports. This is useful if you're using TSheets as a simple clock in/out tool, or if your employees are salaried and don't need to see the hours they've worked.
  • Split timesheets at midnight: If checked, TSheets will automatically split timesheets that straddle midnight so that hours after midnight are counted for the following day. Uncheck this box if you want hours for timesheets that straddle midnight to count for the date of the clock-in time. Note: This setting will not split pre-existing timesheets.
  • Allow employees to adjust clock-out time: If employees forget to clock out and have been clocked in for longer than the threshold defined in the Clock Out Override Hours setting, checking this box will allow them to manually adjust their clock-out time. (The clock-out time can only be adjusted backward.)
    • Clock-out override hours: If an employee is clocked in longer than this many hours, when they clock out, they will be able to adjust their clock-out time. (The clock-out time can only be adjusted backward.)
    • Email administrators/managers if employees adjust their clock-out time: If employees forget to clock out and manually adjust their clock out time when they do finally clock out, checking this will cause a notification email to be sent to the account administrator. The email will be sent to the address given under the "Contact Information" section.

Overtime: Choices include whether or not TSheets will calculate overtime, calculate by week or day, what constitutes overtime, and if you need California overtime rules.

  • Calculate Overtime on Reports: If checked, the payroll and wage reports will display totals of straight time (regular and PTO) vs overtime. Configure the way overtime is calculated with the options below.

    • Regular Hours per Week: This allows you to specify the maximum number of regular (non-overtime) hours per employee per week.

  • Calculate Daily Overtime: If checked, reports will display employees' daily hour totals and log overtime for anything over the maximum defined below.

    • Regular Hours per Day: This allows you to specify the maximum number of regular (non-overtime) hours allowed per employee per day.
    • California Overtime Rules: If checked, any time worked in excess of 8 and up to and including 12 hours per day and for the first 8 hours worked on the seventh consecutive day of work in the work week is counted as overtime. Any time worked in excess of 12 hours in one day and in excess of 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in the work week is counted as double-time.

Paid Time Off: This is where you adjust paid time off (PTO) options. If your company does not allow PTO, leave the boxes unchecked.

  • Enable PTO: If your company allows employees to have vacation, sick, or holiday time, enable this option and then create the PTO codes. (Go to SET UP > PTO Codes OR Feature Add-ons > PTO Codes.) PTO timesheets can then be created for employees. (Go to Time EntriesTimesheet List.) You will also be able to submit your own PTO hours. (Go to Paid Time Off.) PTO entries and totals will then display on related reports.

    • Allow employees to submit PTO: If checked, employees see the Paid Time Off menu item and are allowed to submit their own PTO hours based on which PTO codes have been assigned to them. It is up to you to review PTO hours submitted by employees for accuracy. Note: If you have integrated QuickBooks or Reckon with TSheets, map your payroll items before turning on this feature.

Payroll Options

  • Payroll period: Use the drop-down to select payroll frequency: weekly, bi-weekly (every other week), semi-monthly (two times each month), every four weeks, or monthly.
  • Recent payroll closing date: Here you will enter the last day of your most recent payroll. This will be used to calculate the payroll periods in related reports. For weekly or bi-weekly pay period, make sure this date coincides with the week start day. For example: If the week start day is a Monday, the recent payroll closing date would be a Sunday.

User Options

  • Allow employees to manage their settings: If checked, employees can edit their own profiles, including username, password, email address, and timezone.
  • Allow employees to download their PTO ledger history: If checked, employees can download a copy of their PTO ledger history. This only applies if PTO accruals are enabled and configured. (See: How to Set Up PTO Codes and Accruals.)

Mobile Options

Enabling this option means that employees:

  • Can't clock in if mobile GPS tracking is turned off.
  • Will be clocked out automatically if they turn off GPS while on the clock.
  • Must keep GPS on, even if they clocked in on a computer.

Reminders and Notifications

This window allows administrators to set clock-in and out reminders and schedule notifications that apply to all employees. (Note: These settings can be overwritten by individual employees. See: How to Change Your Clock-in and Clock-out Reminders.)


This window allows administrators to set employee authorizations. Users with any of the following permissions are not subject to authorization policies:

  • Administrator
  • Manage Authorization
  • Manage Timesheets for All Employees
  • Manage My Timesheets
  • Manage User Accounts
  • View Timesheet Reports for All Employees
  • Mobile time entry. (If an employee is signing in on a computer and one of the first two options below is selected, they will still be required to use an authorized computer.)

Select one of the following:

  • Authorize Individual Computers (by cookie): Restricts employees to clock in from computers that have been authorized by an administrator. Choosing this option will allow you to authorize a computer by setting a permanent cookie on it. This works best if you only have one or two locations where your employees can sign in. Note: Certain anti-virus and anti-spyware programs clear cookies on a daily basis. If you have this type of software installed, configure the settings to retain specified cookies.
  • Authorize Locations by IP Address: Allows employees to clock in from any computer at a given location by authorizing internet IP addresses. If this option is selected, employees will only be allowed to clock in from locations (IP addresses) authorized by an administrator. This works best in offices that run all of their computers on the same network, or have multiple networks at multiple locations.
  • No Authorization: Allows employees to sign in, clock in, switch jobs or customers, and clock out from any computer that has internet access. Employees will also be able to clock in, etc. via text message, phone call, twitter, etc. as long as they are given the Mobile Time Entry permission. This works best for companies with many employees in many locations, employees that travel regularly, or for employees who are not regularly around computers. 

Billing History

This spreadsheet contains the entire history of your account transactions (charges, payments, etc.). If you prepay or have automatic prepay and your card was charged, a payment to TSheets followed by the amount of credit that has been forwarded to your account displays. The spreadsheet also displays the transaction date and time, type, description, amount, and account balance. 

System Log

This log displays all activity on your account for the past 90 days, including entries showing who has signed in, clocked in or out, adjusted timecards, left notes, installed add-ons, etc. Everything that is done on your account is recorded here with date and time stamps.

To download this information into a spreadsheet, click Download in the bottom left corner in the System Log tab. Choose your desired date range and filter by Groups and/or Employees if necessary. Then, click Download CSV

Freeze or Close Account

See also: How to Freeze or Close Your TSheets Account

When you freeze your TSheets account, the payment card associated with your account will be removed from our system, and you will not be billed any longer for our service. Your records will be archived, but will not be accessible by you. If you'd like to restart the service, simply re-add a debit card, credit card, or PayPal information.

After freezing your account, if you decide to permanently close your account, TSheets will:

  • Disable sign-ins and sign you off
  • Stop automated emails
  • Delete all account data at a future date


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