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Time Off Requests

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Ask our customer service to enable this new feature for you. 

Who can do what? 

  • Admins and managers can enter time off timesheets in bulk.
  • Admins and managers can approve or deny team member time off requests.
  • Team members can request time off based on the amount of PTO they are predicted to have on the day requested. 

How to configure time off preferences 

  1. Go to Company Settings > Time Options > Time Off.
  2. Select Enable time off
  3. (Optional) Select Allow team members to submit their own time off
    1. Choose which days entry is allowed on.
    2. Select Require approvals to enable requests.
  4. (Optional) Select Allow managers to edit team members’ time off ledgers

Time off notifications

To update notifications globally:
  1. Go to Company Settings > Notifications > Time Off Requests.
To update notifications individually:
  1. Go to My Team > select a user to access Team Member Details > Notifications
  2. Select Web, Mobile, or Email for the following options:
  • When a team member requests time off (admins)
  • When a team member requests time off (managers) 
  • When time off is created, edited, or deleted by a manager or administrator (all) 

Set up time off codes

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes. The Time Off Preferences window displays.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Enter the Time Off name and choose whether it is a Paid or Unpaid code.
  4. To assign who can use the code, click Assign to Individuals or Groups. Make your selections and click Save.
    • Note: New team members are automatically assigned to a Time Off code and its associated accrual setup when the code is assigned to all team members.

How to configure and assign team member accruals

Note: Accrual settings set up in the Time Off Preferences window apply to all team members assigned to that Time Off code, except those with personalized accrual settings. If a personalized accrual was set up for a team member, it's noted within the Time Off Accrual Settings window at the top: x team members have personalized accrual settings and will not be affected by any changes made here. Click X team members to see the list of team members with personalized accruals.
  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes.
  2. Next to the Time Off code you want to enable, select User-added image
  3. Check Track Accruals or, select Edit Settings.
  4. From the Accrual Settings drop-down, select None, Manual, Yearly, Every Pay Period, or Based on Hours Worked.
  5. See How to Set Up Time Off Codes and Accruals for more help with accrual setup.
    1. Note: for the Accruals will take place X day(s) after the end of each pay period, 5 days is recommended. This buffer allows for timesheet adjustments and predictive accruals before the time off accruals are calculated based on those timesheets. 

How to request time off 

Team members follow these steps to submit time off:
  • Go to Time Off > Add Time Off.
    • Choose a code, date of entry, and number of hours on that day.
    • (optional) Add another day for the same code.
    • (optional) Add notes.
    • Send Request.

How to approve or deny time off

Admins and Managers follow these steps to approve or deny requests:
  • Go to Time Off
    • Note: the number of pending requests appear in an icon next to the menu option.
  • For a pending request, do one of the following: 
    • Select the request, add a note, and select Approve or Deny.
    • Hover over the request and select Approve or Deny.
See How to Add, Edit, and Delete Time Off (Mobile) to enter time off requests on a mobile device. Note that requests cannot be approved or denied on mobile.   

How to enter time for yourself or other team members 

Admins and managers follow these steps to enter time off for themselves or other team members: 
  • Go to Time Off > Add Time Off
    • (admin/manager only) select desired team members for bulk entry, or choose an individual team member. 
    • Choose a code, date of entry, and number of hours on that day.
      • Note: only non-accruing time off codes assigned to all users in the bulk entry will display. 
    • (optional) Add another day for the same code.
    • (optional) Add notes.
    • Save.

Viewing time off requests 

In Time Off:
  • Team members see a list of time off requests with status: pending, approved, denied or canceled.
  • Admins and Managers see a list of all requests for those they manage.
  • Each column can be sorted.
  • Select My balances to view your personal time off balances.

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