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Paying for Your TSheets Subscription Using ACH

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You may pay for your TSheets subscription using ACH or “Automated Clearing House”. This may also be called “Direct Debit” or “Pay with Bank Account”.

Note: ACH is available for US customers only.

Invoicing and Billing Dates

You will receive an invoice via email each month, on the day you activated your TSheets account. 15 days after you receive the invoice, TSheets will pull the amount from the bank account on file. The payment should settle and finalize 2-3 business days later.

  • Note: Find the "bill date" (date you will receive your invoice) in TSheets > Company Settings > Account & Billing.

Annual Renewal Notices

Annual renewal is automatic. A renewal notice will go out 15 days before your usual invoice date. This means you will receive a 30-day notice of renewal before funds are taken from your account.

Payment Failures

If you do not have enough funds when TSheets withdraws the invoiced amount from your account on file, any administrator on the TSheets account will be locked out until payment is resolved. Update your company’s billing info in TSheets for the payment to attempt to process again.

  • Note: You may see a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee if an ACH payment fails. This is a fee charged by banks when there aren’t enough funds to cover a requested charge to the account.


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