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Importing and Updating Team Members via CSV Spreadsheet

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If you have more than a handful of members on your team, adding them into your TSheets account as users could seem like a daunting task. Use these instructions to add or edit your team efficiently!

  • Go to My Team > Click + Add
  • In the lower left, click Large team? Import them […] > Click Spreadsheet (.csv).
  • Next, do one of the following:
    • For a spreadsheet template, click Download our spreadsheet template.
    • Click Export employee list > Export List to download a list of existing active and archived team members.   
  • Make edits or additions to the spreadsheet according to the following outline:
  • Only one entry per line and there must be a header line.
  • Possible values for the header line are as follows. Only the First and Last name fields are required. All others are optional, and will only be updated/added when present.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Name - if this field is not included/populated and a new user is added, the Username will auto-generate as first initial, last name (ex: jsmith). Do not remove or change the username of existing team members in the spreadsheet or a duplicate user will be created. 
  • Email - entering an email is recommended for password resets and notification emails
  • Employee # - a team member number (numeric only)
  • Payroll ID - commonly used in exports to a payroll system (alphanumeric) 
  • Hire Date - date the team members was hired
  • Group - if you put a group here that doesn’t match an existing group, a new group with that name will be created
  • Pay Rate ($) - enter only a number, no currency symbols
  • Per - needs to be 'hour' or 'year'
  • Salaried - Y/N or 1/0
  • Exempt - Y/N or 1/0
  • Manage their timesheets - permission - Y/N or 1/0
  • Admin - permission - Y/N or 1/0
  • Mobile time entry - permission - Y/N or 1/0
  • Enabled - if the user is in active or archived list
  • Who’s Working - permission - Y/N or 1/0
  • Phone # - should be in format ###-###-####
  • Kiosk Time Entry - permission - Y/N or 1/0
  • Timezone - for example, America/Los_Angeles
  • Kiosk PIN - 4-digit number used for Kiosk access
  • Active - if the user is in active or archived list
  • View schedule (company, group, own) - scheduling permission, must be entered as ‘company’, ‘group’, or ‘own’
  • Manage schedule (company, group, own) - scheduling permission, must be entered as ‘company’, ‘group’, or ‘own’
  • Back in the Import Employee List (.csv) window, click Choose File > find the file, and click Open > Click Next.
  • Click View details to display the number of successful updates/additions and display any errors with the reason (fix and re-upload if so).
  • Choose to Send invitations to added employees to set up their TSheets account (if an email was added) and/or Skip password change for existing users (if the password was not changed in the spreadsheet). 
  • Click Import List.

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