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How to Use GPS Tracking as an Admin/Manager

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  • GPS tracking only works if employees are clocking in via the TSheets mobile app, not via text or dial-in.
  • GPS points can be pulled at clock in and clock out, opening the app, switching job codes, and while on the clock.
    • An employee can force pull a GPS point while on the clock by going to Time Clock > Location > Touch to View map > tap the location marker in the top right corner (an admin cannot do this on behalf of an employee).
    • TSheets Touch users must leave TSheets Touch active on their screen for points to be captured (when an action is performed such as clock in/out, notes entry, field selection, etc.).
  • GPS points are NOT stored when on a break, clocked out, or signed out of the app.
    • If geofencing is enabled on the TSheets account, we may read the GPS data, but no location information is ever stored or recorded until you clock in. 
    • Various environmental factors can prevent the satellite from acquiring a GPS point.
    • Points are not pulled if the phone is powered off, or the application is force closed.


Location Tracking Setup:

  • Setting up Location Tracking Company-Wide:
    1. Go to Company Settings.
    2. On the left, click Location Tracking tab.
    3. Choose one of the following:
      1. Required: Location services must be enabled on the employee’s mobile device for them to track time.
      2. Optional: The employee can choose to enable or disable location services with no affect to how they track time.
      3. Off: location is never tracked.
    4. For Geofencing setup, please refer to How to Set Up and Use Geofencing
  • Setting up Location Tracking for an Individual Employee:
    1. Go to Employees > Mobile Options tab.
    2. At the right of the employee's name, click the pencil icon ().
    3. Select Custom Rules for this Employee.
    4. Make your selection, and click Save.

Viewing Permissions

  • Administrators, managers, and users granted the Manage Timesheets for All Employees permission are able to view another employee's GPS Points.
    • Employees can only view their own GPS points.
    • Employees and Administrators see the same map data. 
  • After recorded, GPS points cannot be changed or edited.
    • If a timesheet is edited and loses some time during which a point was lost, that GPS point will no longer display.
  • Admins and managers will only be able to view GPS points when the device syncs with their TSheets account. In order to sync, the device must be connected to WiFi or a data network.
    • It can take around 15 seconds to display a GPS point during a solid WiFi or data connection. 
  • If a manager clocks an employee in remotely, location is not displayed until the employee confirms the shift from their mobile device. 
    • If the employee rejects the shift, the timesheet is deleted and location is never displayed. 
    • If the employee does not see the notification before the manager ends the timesheet, no locations are displayed but the timesheet remains.  

Where to Find and How to Read GPS Data

From Timesheets List:

  1. Go to Time Entries > Timesheets tab.
  2. Locate the correct timesheet and click .
  3. Click a point to see the date/time it was pulled, its accuracy in meters (accuracy is displayed as a blue circle around a point), and the device it was pulled from.

From Who's Working

  • Individual employee:
    1. Go to Who's Working. Then, select an employee, and click .
  • All employees:
    1. Go to Who's Working. If needed, at the top of the Who's Working window, adjust the FILTER and SORT options by clicking the blue links.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To see an overview of all employee locations: Click MAP . All active, on-the-clock employees will display their location. Note: there can be a few minutes delay in updating this map. View the personal GPS map for employees to get the most recent point pulled.
      • If multiple employees are in the same location, a marker with the number of employees displays. To see a list of employees in that location, hover over the marker.
      • To see a cluster of individual employee markers (example shown below), click the numbered marker. To close the cluster, click the blue button in the center of the cluster .

From Mobile:

  1. From Timesheets: Tap Timesheets > All timesheets > tap a timesheet to view > under LOCATION, tap Touch to view map.
  2. From Who’s Working: Tap Who's Working or More > Who’s Working.
  3. Tap an employee’s name > View Location ().
  4. Tap the three dots in the top right to Show Accuracy Bubbles or not.
  5. Tap a point to see the time it was pulled, and it’s accuracy in meters.

GPS Point Colors

GPS points display in one of four colors indicating the following:

  • Green: Clocked in
  • Red: Clocked out
  • Blue: Point pulled while on the clock
  • Orange: Different device

How to Run a GPS Data Report

To create a .csv spreadsheet that lists all of the raw latitude and longitude information:

  • Go to Reports > Tracking > GPS Points.
  • Select the report dates.
  • Select the employee(s).
  • For all employees, leave Filter by set to (all employees).
  • For individual employees, click (all employees), select individual groups or employees, and click OK.


GPS is pulled from a combination of satellites, wifi, and cellular data. Remember that there are many factors that cannot be controlled (i.e., weather patterns, atmosphere, etc.) and can make it difficult for a point to be pulled, or determine why a point may not be pulling.

Check for the following on the mobile device if points are not pulling:

  • It should have a clear view of the sky (surrounded by various obstacles - concrete buildings, trees, even a bag - can hinder low-strength signals).
  • The device should be a normal temperature (too hot or too cold can affect the location functionality in a device).
  • The device should have power (if the battery died or the phone is powered off, this will disable the location functionality).
  • The employee should be signed into the app and on the clock.
  • The device should not be in Power Saving Mode (or device equivalent).
  • The app should be open in the background (do not force close the app).

Helpful Steps to take:

  • Turn the device off/on.
  • Turn GPS/Location services off/on.
  • Ensure both your phone’s Operating System and the TSheets App are up-to-date.
  • Turn Airplane mode on then off again to reset all wireless radios.
  • Ensure Location Services is enabled for the TSheets app and is set to high accuracy.
  • Disable any battery saver settings or apps.
  • Reset Location and Network Settings.
  • (Steps for the following will vary depending on the device, please see Mobile GPS Troubleshooting for more specific steps.)

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