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How to Set Up and Use Geofencing

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  • This feature is only available in TSheets Elite. Please reach out to our support team if you are interested in upgrading.
  • Geofencing alleviates time spent editing and correcting timesheets.
  • Add addresses to jobs or customers to create a geofence for that site.
  • Team members receive notifications from their mobile app to clock in or out based on when they entered or left the job site.
  • A team member can still choose to clock in and out as normal and disregard the geofence notification.

How to:

How to Enable Geofencing

  • Go to Company Settings > Location > make the following changes in each tab:
    • Tracking: Location has to be set to required (recommended) or optional for Geofencing to work.
      • A team member must have location services enabled on their device to use geofencing.
      • Optional and Required settings can be changed for individual team members in their Team Member Details.
      • Location in iOS must be set to “always”. Location in Android must be set to “High Accuracy”.
    • Geofencing: check Enable geofencing and choose a radius size. You will see the geofence on the map, so you know how big or small you would like it.
      • The radius size applies to all geofences.

How to Add a Geofence to a Job or Customer

  1. Go to Jobs or Customers > click the pencil icon next to a job or customer you need to add a geofence for.
  2. Click Location and type in the address.

    Note: Geofencing is enabled once an address is entered. If a job or customer has an unwanted geofence, under the address field of that job, trigger the Geofence switch to Off.

    • For QBD and QBO integrations, addresses will automatically be imported from the Customer’s Ship to (or Shipping) address.
    • For a Xero integration, addresses are imported from the Street Address only.
  3. geofence gps marker appears next to the address once it's successfully added. Pick from the suggestions that appear as you type the address, to ensure it is a recognized address.
  4. (optional) Adjust the radius size. Note that any job or customer that shares that same address will be affected. 
  5. Team members only receive notifications for jobs or customers they are assigned to.

How to Clock In and Out From a Geofence Notification


  • Notifications appear on a team member's phone when they enter or leave a geofence.
  • If the team member cleared the notification by accident but would like to use the notification’s provided time, they can open the app, tap More > Notifications.
  • A notification is only active if no other timesheet or notification of the same type was created.
  • The clock in or out time displays the time they entered or left the geofence, not necessarily the same time they opened the notification and performed the clock in/out action.

Clock In:

  1. When a team member enters into the geofence, they will receive a notification: Arrived at job location.
  2. Tap the notification to open the TSheets app.
  3. Tap Clock In as normal.
    • If there is more than one job associated with that location, they will have to choose which job they clock into first.

Clock Out:

  1. When a team member leaves the geofence, they’ll receive a notification: Left job location.
  2. Upon opening the app using the notification, they will see two or three options: Take Break, Clock Out, Switch (just as a normal timesheet). Any one of these actions ends the current timesheet.
    • Tap View Details to fill out any required fields before clocking out.
    • If Take Break or Switch is chosen, the start time of that new timesheet will match the end time of the one they just ended by that action, so no time is lost.

How to Manage Geofencing Notifications

Enter your company's work hours so team members don't receive geofencing notifications during non-work hours. Note: This setting applies to all team members and jobs. 
  1. Go to Company Settings > Notifications
  2. Under Geofencing, choose start and end times and select or deselect days as necessary. 

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