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How to Navigate and Use Timesheets in Time Entries

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Time Entries > Timesheets is a quick way to view current and past timesheets all in one place, without needing to run a report. You can customize it to show only the information you need in a glanceable view.

Only administrators, group managers, and team members with “Manage my timesheets” permission (or all team members if “Allow team members to edit their past notes” is enabled) will have access to Time Entries > Timesheets.

Navigating the Timesheets

On a computer, in TSheets, go to Time Entries > Timesheets.

Customizing the display:

  • Choose to view by Day, WeekMonth, or Pay Period and opt to Show past days with no time or not.
  • Click Today to navigate to the current day’s time.
  • Use the calendar icon (User-added image)to navigate to a specific date, or click the < > to change the date range.
  • Expand or collapse days by clicking the Date header. (Note: dates with no time will remain collapsed and indicate “no time”.)
  • In the top right corner, choose to view My or All timesheets. When viewing All timesheets, you can choose to view only one user at a time. Begin typing their name in the Team Member Search box, and select their name from the given list.
    • Time totals display when viewing a single user’s time (My or filtered by team member).
  • Organize how the timesheets are ordered by clicking one of the headers to order them in ascending or descending order (alphabetically or numerically).
  • To choose which columns are displayed, click the Gear icon () and select or deselect the column types. Only 6 columns can be displayed at a time. This includes any Custom Fields you have set up and Photo Attachments.
    • In the same menu, click Wrap text to expand the rows to make all text entries visible. Deselect to return to a compact view. 

Timesheet Options

  • Three icons appear to the right when hovering over a timesheet.

    • Click Edit Time () to make changes to a timesheet
    • Click View Log () to view all timesheet actions, including edits
    • Click Delete Time () to delete a timesheet
  • Manager edits are indicated by the pencil icon in the left corner of a timesheet (). These edits are viewable in detail in one of two ways:

    • Click View Log () - Manager edits will display the user field in red
    • Click Actions View Manager Edits at the top of the Timesheets List to view all manager edits for a given date range. Then, select the View Timesheet History button to view the details of the edit
  • Under Location, click a blue marker () to view the associated GPS map.

    • Note: The team member will need to track time on a smartphone for GPS points to be available. Learn more here: How to Use GPS Tracking as an Admin/Manager
    • If TSheets Web displays, this indicates time tracked from a computer's web browser. 

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