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How to Integrate With and Export Timesheets to MYOB

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How to Setup the Integration

  1. In TSheets, in the Employee Editor:
  • Add the MYOB Employee Card ID into the Employee Number field
  • Add the MYOB Employee Record ID into the Payroll ID field
  1. Jobs in TSheets must match Jobs in MYOB (Jobs)
  2. Time off codes in TSheets must match PTO codes in MYOB (Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes)
  3. Under Feature Add-ons > Manage Add-ons 
  4. Find the MYOB Integration and click “Get

How to Export Timesheet Data for MYOB

  1. In TSheets, go to Reports MYOB Report 
  • Next to Report Dates, select a date range
  • Do one of the following:
  • To include all employees in the spreadsheet: Leave Filter by set to all employees
  • To include select employees in the spreadsheet: Click all employees, select the employees or groups, and click OK
  • Click Download CSV, and save the file
  1. In MYOB, go to the Timesheets module and use the Import function
  • There are a few selections the you will need to make here, like file type (.csv)

How to Read the MYOB Export Spreadsheet

  • Employee Co./Last Name: Last Name
  • Employee First Name: First Name
  • Payroll Category: Hourly/Overtime/etc (can be customized)
  • Job: Jobcode
  • Customer Co./Last Name: Blank
  • Customer First Name: Blank
  • Notes: Notes field
  • Date: Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Units: Hours (decimal)
  • Employee Card ID: Employee Number
  • Employee Record ID: Payroll ID
  • Start/Stop Time: Blank
  • Customer Card ID: Blank
  • Customer Record ID: Blank

NOTE: If the report doesn’t quite match your needs, please reach out to our Support team. We can make adjustments to the report export to ensure it has the correct information.

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