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How to Integrate TSheets and ADP Workforce Now

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How to:

How to Install and Set Up the Integration

If you have TSheets and Workforce Now

  1. In TSheets, go to Feature Add-ons > Manage Add-ons.
  2. In the list, locate ADP Workforce Now, and click Get. You will be taken to the TSheets Connector app in the ADP Marketplace.
    • Note: You may be required to sign in to the ADP Marketplace.
  3. To get the app, click Buy Now. You'll be guided through the app purchase.
  4. Once you see the “successfully connected” screen, click Go to TSheets.
If you have Workforce Now, but not TSheets
  1. Login to ADP WorkForce Now using the Administrator Sign In. 
  2. Access the TSheets Time Tracking for ADP WorkForce Now page.
  3. To get the app, click Start a Free Trial. You will be guided through the app purchase (which includes a 14-day free trial). 
  4. A TSheets signup window will appear: Fill out your Email Address, desired Password, Phone number, and then choose a TSheets Web Address.
  5. When prompted, check I agree to share my TSheets data with ADP
  6. Click Start free trial. After a moment, click Go to TSheets.

How to Use the Integration


  • Make sure all employees in ADP that need to track time are added in TSheets:
    • Employees > Add Employees > enter the required fields to match ADP.
    • Once all employees are added, in the Employee Editor for each employee, add the employee’s ADP File ID to the Payroll ID field in TSheets to “link” the profiles. This should be 6 digits, including leading zeros. 
      • For Multi-Company Access accounts, include the ADP Company Code in each Payroll ID field in TSheets. Format as CCC:NNNNNN, where CCC = company code, and NNNNNN = the employee File ID. 
    • Note: Employees can be added and updated using a .csv file upload to save some time. See: Importing and Updating Employees via CSV Spreadsheet.
  • After the initial integration is completed and existing employees are linked, the following actions in ADP will automatically sync into TSheets within 2 minutes:
    • An edit to an employee’s First name, Last name, and/or work email.
    • A newly hired employee will create a new user in TSheets.
    • A terminated employee will archive the user in TSheets.
      • Note: an employee can be archived in TSheets without affecting the employee in ADP.

Exporting Timesheets:

There are two different ways to export timesheets to ADP Workforce Now: flat file or direct export. Both import as Batch Payroll:

Flat File Export:

The Flat File must be added to your account by a TSheets support rep.

  • If you don’t have it already, call support. Be prepared with your ADP Company Code. Once it is added, you can export your flat file:
  • In TSheets
    • Go to Approvals > Run Report for the date range you want to approve (any date range can be selected) > Approve Time.
    • Go to Reports > Payroll Report > Run Report for the same date range you approved.
    • Click Report Exports at the top > click the Excel file download under ADP Workforce Now Export.
  • In ADP Workforce Now:
    • Upload the file into ADP
    • Time can be adjusted here but will not reflect in TSheets.

Direct Export:

  • In TSheets:
    • Go to Approvals > Run Report for the date range you want to approve (any date range can be selected) > Approve Time.
    • In the Approvals report, click ADP Export Approved Time and confirm the export. A success window will display once the export is complete.
  • In ADP Workforce Now:
    • Go to Process > Payroll > Paydata.
    • The newest batch of time will display at the bottom of the displayed list.
    • Click the batch to view time details. Time can be adjusted here but will not reflect in TSheets.

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