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Downgrading to TSheets Premium

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If you decided to downgrade from TSheets Elite to TSheets Premium, read this to understand what to expect with the loss of some of your Elite-only features.

Note: You will not lose any time tracked during your downgrade.  


Projects show up as sub-customers in your Customers list. You will not lose those projects; they will become listed as a sub-customer. Your workers can still clock in to these from Time Clock. If you used Project Tasks, find those as items in a Custom Field called Tasks (Feature Add-ons > Custom Fields). No time tracked against those projects will change or be lost. You will no longer have access to the Activity Feed or any other feature found in Projects. 


Addresses you have setup for each customer or job will remain in your account. Workers will no longer be directly notified when they have neared a job, or be offered time adjustments for forgotten clock-ins/outs. However, you can still use the Nearby Jobs feature. Nearby jobs will only suggest jobs located physically near the worker when they clock in. 

Timesheet Signatures 

Your workers will no longer be able to sign their timesheets. Historic timesheet signatures will still be viewable as attachments on those timesheets.

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