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Adding and Viewing Photos on Timesheets

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Users can attach photos to their timesheets from a smartphone to help track a project’s progress, document inventory, compare before-and-after shots, and more!

Note: Photos can only be attached using a smartphone. Any user with the “Mobile time entry” permission will be able to attach photos to their timesheets.

How to Add a Photo to a Timesheet

  1. On a smartphone, in TSheets, go to Time Clock and tap Clock In.
  2. Under ATTACHMENTS, tap +.
  3. Tap Take photo or Select photo.
  • Note: If this is the first time attaching a photo, the app will request to access your photos (Select photo) and your camera (Take photo).
  1. Add a caption to the photo (optional), and tap ADD PHOTO.
  • Multiple photos can be added to a timesheet
  • Admins, group managers, or users with “Manage My Timesheets” permissions can add photos to past timesheets when editing a timesheet.

How to View Photos

On a computer, in Time Entries > Timesheets:

  1. In TSheets, go to Time Entries Timesheets > Select a timesheet.
  2. In the Attachments column, select 1 photo(s) (the number varies depending on the number of photos attached. Multiple photos display as a slideshow.)
  • Note: if you do not see the Attachments column, click the Gear Icon () and ensure the “Attachments” column is enabled.
  1. (optional) To download the photo to your computer, click the down-arrow ().
  2. To delete a photo, click the trashcan icon (User-added image). (If the photo is attached to another timesheet, it will remain on that timesheet.)

On a computer, in the Payroll Report: 

  1. In TSheets, go to Report Payroll Report (run as usual). 
  2. Under the Attachments column, click the photos link to view added photos. 

On a computer, in the Approvals Report: 

  1. In TSheets, go to Report > Approvals Report (run as usual).
  2. Click View Details under an team member's total hours.
  3. Under the Attachments column, click the photos link to view added photos. 
In the mobile app:
  1. Tap Timesheets > All Timesheets and select a timesheet. Timesheets with attachments are indicated by a paperclip icon.
  • View active, on-the-clock timesheet attachments in Time Clock
  1. Select an image under ATTACHMENTS to view it. Each attachment must be selected individually to view.
  2. (optional) Save the image to your photo library or share across other platforms by selecting the “save” or “download” icon (icon varies depending on device).


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