How to Reduce Your Bill with Flex Force

What is Flex Force?

Flex Force is a TSheets feature that automatically bills you only for active users within one billing cycle, instead of all users on your account. Please note, however, that if the user is active at any point during the billing cycle, they will be included in the next month's invoice.

There is no fee to activate Flex Force. Just contact TSheets Support or Australia TSheets Support.

Note: FlexForce is automatically activated for users who have integrated TSheets with QuickBooks or Xero.

What is an "active" user?

Anyone who:

  • Signs into TSheets or requests a password reset
  • Uses TSheets in any way (computer and mobile), including receiving notifications or reminders
  • Has time entered on their behalf

When Flex Force is activated, at what point will I be billed for a user?

Users are active one month since their last activity. For example, if a user tracked time at the end of June, they’d be considered active for June and July because TSheets doesn't charge for the user until the billing date after they've already been active. So, there is no charge for the user during the first few weeks. Other examples:

  • If the customer's bill date is the 1st, a new user could be added on the 2nd, and the customer would not be charged until the 1st of the next month.
  • But if the user is active until the 30th of the month the customer pays for the user for one more month.

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