Reckon Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I transfer data to and from Reckon?

A. See How to Import from Reckon and How to Export Timesheet Data to Reckon.

Q. Can TSheets change my company file information?

A. Absolutely not! The only information that TSheets adds is approved timesheet data. 

Q. Can I import and export at the same time?

A. Yes, Web Connector imports and exports at the same time.

Q. What all does TSheets import from Reckon?

A. TSheets imports all of your active employees, vendors, customers / jobs / projects, service items, classes, and payroll items.

Employees: TSheets imports your active Reckon employees. 

Vendors: If you want, TSheets can also import your Reckon vendors, but it will only import the vendors that have a first and last name field value in Reckon.

Customers / Projects / Jobs: TSheets will import all of your active Reckon customers as customers in TSheets. Your employees will then select a customer when they clock in. If you have projects or jobs, they will be imported as well, and your employees will be asked to select a project or job before they will be able to clock in.

Service Items: This is an optional field to use if you would like to have your employees select a task or activity when they clock in. These are service items from Reckon imported into a list in TSheets from which your employees will select their task before they are able to clock in.

Classes: This is an optional field. If used, TSheets will import all of your active Reckon class options as another field that your employees are required to select when clocking in. 


Q. How do I add a new employee?

A. Add new employees in Reckon, not TSheets, then sync with TSheets. To add employees in Reckon, go to the Employee Center, and select the option to add a new employee. 

Q. How do I know what my employees' passwords are?

A. After importing the employee into TSheets, you will receive an email with the details of the import called a sync report. This will contain the usernames and passwords for each of your employees.

Q. Why didn't my employee's pay rate show up in TSheets?

A. Since TSheets doesn't do any payroll calculations, we don't import the pay rate of the employees. You do, however, have the option to enter this information into the employee's TSheets profile. Then you can run a wage report that calculates hours worked x pay rate. 

Customers & Jobs:

Q. Can my employees track time against customers and jobs?

A. Yes. This is set up in the TSheets Reckon Integration Preferences window. Your employees will be required to select a customer or project before they are able to clock in. You also have the options of asking them to select a service item, a class, and to indicate if the time is billable.

Q. How do I remove a customer/job from TSheets?

A. Once you mark the customer or job as inactive in Reckon, perform a Web Connector sync.. This will remove the customer and/or job from TSheets.

Q. Can I bring a customer or job back if I delete it in TSheets?

A. Yes. If you've deleted a job or project in TSheets, just make a quick change to it in Reckon, such as deleting the name and entering it again, or even just opening the client editor, not changing a thing, and clicking Save. This will update the last modified date, and when you do another Web Connector sync with TSheets, the job or customer will be reactivated.

Service Items:

Q. What are service items?

A. Service items, within TSheets, are the same services you have listed in your Reckon company file. These are typically activities and services that your employees perform for your clients.

Q. Does the billable rate of a service item apply to their timesheet in Reckon?

A. Yes. If you've set up a billable rate to be associated with a service item in Reckon, once you export the time to Reckon, it will have that same billable rate associated with it for invoices.

Tracking and Exporting Time:

Q. Can I track my time as billable within TSheets?

A. Yes you can, all you need to do is select this option within TSheets. To do this, at the top right of TSheets, click Reckon › Preferences. Here you can select the employee timesheets that should show a billable choice. Then when your employees clock in and out, they'll be asked if their time was billable or not, and the time will then export to Reckon to reflect their selection.

Q. Can employees add notes to their timesheets?

A. Yes, and then once that time is exported to Reckon, they will display in the description field of the time entry.

Q. I exported my employee's time but had to make adjustments to the timesheet in Reckon. Will those changes go back into TSheets?

A. No, they will not, but TSheets will also not make any adjustments to the time entry in Reckon, so it won't be reverted and your changes will be saved. For help fixing the timesheets, contact TSheets Support.

Q. Can I review the time before it gets sent to Reckon?

A. Yes, actually, you have to review and approve all timesheets before they can be exported to Reckon.

Q. I have time approved and ready to go to Reckon, but when I select Export, it says that I don't have any time to export. What causes this?

A. If you're tracking overtime, even for just one employee, but the week hasn't finished yet, you won't be able to export any time. In order to properly calculate overtime, the week must be completed before you can export timesheets from it.

Q. If I'm having trouble with my TSheets and Reckon integration, how do I get problems resolved?

A. By reaching out to the TSheets Support team! We'll do our best to help you with whatever problems come up and assist you in escalating the problem to Reckon support, if necessary. We are available 6 AM to 6 PM MT, Monday through Friday.

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