Intuit Sync Manager crashes each time I try to set it up.

If each time you try to set up the Intuit Sync Manager you simply see a starting up window flash, but nothing else happens, here are the steps you'll need to fix it.

1. Clear your login and sync settings.

Within QuickBooks, go to the Help menu option:

Help >> Manage Data Sync >> Clear Login and Sync Settings

2. Exit the Intuit Sync Manager.

Check for the Intuit Sync Manager icon (two green arrows chasing each other) in your computer tray (the bottom right hand corner of your computer). Right click on the icon, if you see it, then right click on it and select Exit.

3. Close out of QuickBooks completely.

4. Rename the Sync Manager settings folder.

Locate your Sync Manager settings folder using the following path:

a. Click on your Start Menu.
b. Select "My Computer"
c. Select your "C Drive"
d. Select the "Users" folder
e. Select the "Admin" folder (may also say "Owner" or your name.)
f. Select the "App Data" folder
   >>If you don't see the "App Data" folder make sure that you have selected the option to view Invisible or Hidden folders.
g. Select the "Local" folder
h. Select the "Intuit" folder
i. Locate the "Sync Manager" folder and right click on it to select the "rename" option

Once you have done this, just rename the folder (for example adding the word "old" to the end) and then hit the enter key to save this.

5. Reopen QuickBooks and try again.

Once you've renamed the folder, open your QuickBooks Company File again and select the Set Up Intuit Sync Manager option again. This should fix the problem completely, but if not, please let our Customer Support team know so that we can do additional troubleshooting.

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